Making Sense of Challenging Projects

Learn how to manage projects from start to finish

Making Sense of Challenging Projects - C


Barry Trebes

Chartered Quantity Surveyor

Chartered Quantity Surveyor with 30+ years experience of large and complex infrastructure projects

Michael Ocock

Senior Project Manager

Michael has acted as project manager, advisor and project sponsor for many types of project over a long career.

You Will Learn How To

How projects work and how they should be planned and managed are vast subjects... 

 ...but the project sponsor (also commonly referred to as the project promoter or sometimes simply the client) often comes new to the game. A project sponsor has to be properly equipped to oversee the framing and launch of its projects, act as a guiding hand throughout their existence and prepare for life after completion and handover. It’s indisputable that as soon as any project is authorised to proceed the risk to the sponsor can increase exponentially. All subsequent decisions regarding the project, including those to delay or stop it, ought to be taken in the knowledge that it’s the sponsor that almost always provides the backstop and is, in the end, the ultimate risk taker.


Manage Projects that seem challenging or complex


Improve how you approach your project


Deliver projects on time and within budget


Why do infrastructure projects always cause trouble, even in the Roman Empire?

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